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Mai::Dreamless Days:: by SwirleePJ Mai::Dreamless Days:: by SwirleePJ
"If you keep thinking half-empty, you'll get nowhere..."

Dream Marie has her own name! Well, technically, she just took words from Marie and made a name for herself, since she states she hates the name Marie. 

We don't really know what Mai is, well, you guys don't--but you will soon. She's kind of like the a link, and she's connected to Marie, Aura and Dante. It's still in production, so I'm not too sure. All I know is that I really wanna find a use for her, cause her personality is just so bubbly and adventurous. 

A little about this Marie:

:bulletblue: She's way more of a tomboy than the blonde one, despite wearing a jean skirt. She's rough, playful and very courageous. 

:bulletblue: That's not her real hair colour, she dyed it brown to be more of a rebel.

:bulletblue: This Marie is basically the Marie that blonde Marie dreamed of when she was in the coma, so it'll be known now that she doesn't know Sora or Riku

:bulletblue: Her personality will also be drastically different because of it. Simply put, this Marie's personality was suppose to be blonde Marie's personality, but since meeting Sora, she changed into a kind, fragile girl.

:bulletblue: Sora and Riku are in for a big surprise. 

The story will center around Aura mostly, but the side plot will focus on this Marie as she learns that there's another Marie. She'll be a part of Marie that was lost when blonde Marie had her KH powers taken away. So she's a piece of Identity that's lost. 

Enjoy the picture! I'll have a look-a-like with the blonde one out soon. XD

The design on her belt is from here.

Marie/Mai (c) Swirlee
Kingdom Hearts: 3D (c) Square Enix

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Sweet! :)
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