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Chapter One: Case one: Renée

The case of Renée Dubois. 1:30 PM.
Some girls started staring, and others were gossiping. They obviously did not like the little buttoned nose girl with blonde hair. She looked around with her dark blue eyes, and noticed everyone staring at her. She didn't care though, and she looked down at her notebook.

"Okay, ladies, open your books to page 190 and we'll get started." Renée was just a young girl in an all-girls elementary school, but sometimes she wished there were boys, too. She didn't understand why, but the feeling she got when the male teachers gave their attention to her was incredible. She felt like the only girl, and she wanted that feeling to stay.  

Therefore, she did what her feelings wanted her to do. She would go talk with some of the male teachers, and they would flower her with compliments and sometimes pass unnoticeable winks at her. She loved it, but she didn't think it would get her in trouble.

"Renée Dubois, report to the principal's office. Immediately!"

…But of course. She looked up from her notebook, and looked at her fellow classmates. Some girls started snickering, while others looked at her with a disgusted face and the occasional whispered word, slut.

As she got up, she packed her belongings, and walked towards the door. Her teacher wouldn't even look at her, and she was very concerned about what would happen. Nonetheless, she walked with faint bravery. She walked outside of the classroom, and followed the pathway to the principal's office. Once she reached for the door, she opened it, and sat down on the chairs provided there. She looked around, and noticed the empty room. Not a single soul entered this place, since every girl was taught how to be elegant and lady-like. That wasn't the case for Renée, since she often looked like the bad egg of the school.

"You can enter the principal's office, Renée Dubois." The tiny girl looked at the boney secretary, and gave a slight nod. She got up from the chair, and slugged her school bag over her shoulder. She calmly walked into the principal's office, and quietly sat down in the chair that was provided. She looked at the principal—a tall, voluptuous, redheaded woman with brown eyes. She didn't look very happy, and Renée started feeling uneasy.  

"Renée Dubois; thirteen years old and already causing trouble," The redhead looked at Renée with such a sickening hate. All the tiny girl could do was sit there and stare, since she wasn't sure why she was in trouble. The redhead continued, "Some of the students have reported that you're 'flirting' with some of the male teachers, is this true?"

"It's not flirting! I'm just being really nice," she said in a voice all too innocent and small. The principal just scoffed, and banged her fist on her table.

"Oh? Then why did one of the male teachers brag about that kiss on the cheek you gave him!?" she yelled. Renée kissed her teeth; she hated tattle-tails or bragging idiots. It didn't matter though, since all she was going to get was detention. Or suspension, at most.

"I didn't mean to," she said, while getting up. "I'll learn my lesson in detention, I swear!" she giggled and slipped her small shoulders into her pack-back. As she was about to leave, the principal grunted.

"No detention will cover this, young lady! I've had enough of this inappropriate behaviour!" she yelled. Renée sighed, and turned towards her, hoping she would just shut up already. "I'm sending you to a boarding school for misfits! Your mother already signed the papers, and even shipped all of your clothing to the school! You'll not make a mockery out of my school from now on!"

"W-what!?" Renée shouted. A boarding school…? No, this was not happening, this couldn't be. Renée ran outside of the principal's room and headed towards the doors that lead to the hallway, but two large looking women stopped her. They roughly grabbed her shoulders, and the principal walked out of her room.

"Take her away," she said, waving her hand as if Renée was nothing but garbage. "Her mother doesn't seem to care for her, so why should we? Just keep her away from my prestigious school."

Renée gapped at this, and struggled to get out of the woman's grip. It was fruitless though, since they were twice her size and strength. She shouted and cried, not wanting to go, while all the other girls stared and gossiped.

So, I hath finally made and created the first chapter of Misfits. I swear I'll draw a proper cover for this story, yo.

The first 5 or 6 chapters will involve how the misfits got into the school, minus Estelle. Her reason remains a history, but I will let you guys believe she went because of her stealing habits.

Anyways, back to the story, Renee gets sent to the office a lot that she doesn't care anymore, even to the point where she would just head straight to detention herself.

Please be sure to check out Renee's bio, it's not much, but it'll give you basic idea of her. [link]

More to come, and next time: Case Two: Aiden.

Misfits (c) :iconswirl3y:

Chapter Two - [link]
starlightmint72 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is really interesting. The only thing right now confusing me is the fact that you stated that she was thirteen and in an elementary school...What grade is she in? I think that she would be in 8th grade or so here in the US, but I actually get a little confused with school and ages, so I'm not sure...
SwirleePJ Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2012  Student General Artist
In Canada, grade 8 is in elementary school. For example, Elementary school consists of junior kindergarten all the way to grade 8.

So, she's still in grade 8 and in elementary school. lol.
starlightmint72 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, that explains it. Thanks.
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