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::Transition:: by SwirleePJ ::Transition:: by SwirleePJ
I've come a long way from when I was in high school, ranging from maturity to appearance. I never expected to be the person I am today, but because of what I went through and the choices I've made in life, I really am happy with the person I am today. 

High School:
I was uncomfortable, nerdy, awkward and too insecure in high school and I never felt like I belonged there. It was a typical clique system, and I had a select few of friends who I still enjoy talking with to this day. There were, of course, days where I really felt good about myself and even felt pretty comfortable, and I cherished those days like it was no tomorrow. I've made stupid decisions here that I don't regret, because it really helped with my upbringing and taught me a lot, like to never repeat those actions lol. 

When I first started college I made a lot of friends. I entered to be an ECE--Early Childhood Educator. I THOUGHT it was what I wanted, but I could never get into any of the things that I learned, except for the psychology stuff. Of course, since I didn't like the program, I eventually left, leaving behind a lot of the new friends I made, but I took the time to grow a lot more as a person and woman. I took a year off to really figure out what I wanted to do, even working at various places to see if I wanted anything for a career out of them.

I've changed. A lot from the person who first started high school and first started college. I knew a lot of about my life and who I really was--my thoughts, my likes, what I hated and most importantly, my goals in life. I lost a lot of weight (Although I need to lose some more) and I feel like I've gotten a bit more prettier, but none of that matters because I matured. I mean, people can visibly see it on my face that I'm this mature woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. 

I'm still in college studying to be a chef, and I completely love it. I've NEVER felt this comfortable in a school and the people I met are absolutely wonderful. I've found myself a boyfriend from it and a genuinely great friend who I know will stick with me forever. I truly feel happy and I feel like I'm at my center. I want a bright future with a wonderful husband and children, and I want a healthy life ahead of me, so I know what I need to get in order to achieve such luxuries. 

This might be random, but I really wanted to share how I transitioned into someone who I can truly be proud of. Not a lot of people can find that person, I know, it's tough. But trust me, just keep growing and keep learning and you'll mold yourself into someone who knows better, someone who won't take bullshit and someone you'll be proud of too! 

It's a long process, and I'll be 22 soon, but I do feel happy about the person I grew into. Even if I am still young. I hope you all can find that person inside you, because you'll feel much happier about it. 
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Captainface Featured By Owner May 27, 2014
I think this looks nice!

Sorry for the late reply
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It's alright! And thank you, haha. 
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You're welcome
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Thank you!
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